Yee-Haw, Honey! 5 Tips For Creating A Western-Themed Wedding

If you and your future spouse are looking for a fun, casual theme for your wedding, one perfect choice is a western-themed shindig. It’s a style that invites all sorts of creativity and adds personality to every part of the wedding and reception. From boots and hats to flowers and horseshoes, a rustic country wedding is a perfect way to celebrate the start of a new life. 

So how can you create your own western wedding? Here are 5 tips to get you started.

Venue. Finding the right location is a must for a country wedding, but it’s not as hard as it might seem. While an ideal location may be a ranch, farm or barn, you can find a good compromise in nearly any beautiful outdoor park-like space or open field. For an indoor wedding, look for a venue with plenty of exposed wood, overhead wood beams and other rustic accents. 

Tables. Deck out your tables with plaid napkins and accessories or burlap for a fun and casual outdoor vibe. Or wrap simple mason jars with some straw and complement with a few bold, fun flowers. If your budget is a little bigger, why not use cowboy boots or hats filled with flowers as your table centerpieces? 

Flowers. One great benefit of having a western wedding is that the flowers tend to be simpler and less expensive than many other options. You could easily choose local wildflowers (perhaps even picking them yourself if the season is right), yellow and white daisies, sunflowers or colored hydrangeas. Accessorize the flowers with straw, woodsy accents, wheat or lots of greenery. 

Gifts. If you want to give out wedding favors, there are a lot of options. Mini wooden or tin sheriff’s badges can be engraved with your names and the date, or you could decorate some horseshoes for guests to take home. Looking for wedding party gifts? Pendants or bracelets in the shape of a horseshoe or boot-shaped cuff links are all great choices. 

Food. The food will depend on your own personal taste, the level of formality to the wedding and the wedding catering budget. Barbecue is practically synonymous with western parties, whether it be simple pulled pork sandwiches, ribs or even a more formal sit-down style meal. Fried chicken with veggies, potato salad and coleslaw is another great option. If you’re worried about the food being messy or too informal, work with your caterer to create some modern variations on these traditional meals. 

Once you begin planning your western-themed affair, you’re sure to find plenty of ways to make it your own and show off your creative side. The result will be a wedding and reception that you will love and your guests will remember forever.