Shipping Small Items? Get The Best Packaging To Save Money And Time

If you’re manufacturing kids’ toys or small parts, or if you have to send food, components or assembly hardware with items, you need to have the right type of packaging. Packaging the items correctly will save you time and money, and it will make the customers happier.

There are a lot of different materials and products you can purchase to make sure each piece gets delivered without damage. Proper packaging and added cushioning will ensure that your items don’t get scratched and damaged in the box. You can also buy the packaging materials in bulk to save money. Here are a few products you’ll want to consider.

Clamshell Packages

Clamshell packaging is nice because you can see through the plastic liner to see what is in each box, the boxes will seal tight so items don’t fall out or get moist, and the boxes prevent the items from getting smashed. These are easy to assemble and affordable to purchase, and the boxes can be used again later if needed for returned shipping. These are ideal if you are putting the box in a shipment in a larger box, because they are lightweight. You won’t have to worry about produce or metal items getting damaged or rusted.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are engineered to protect items so they don’t get damaged or shook around during transport. You can even get boxes that are lined with insulation and protective materials so your items don’t get wet or soiled. These boxes come flat and you have to assemble them, and they should last for multiple shipments if needed. The corrugated boxes are so durable you may be able to skip paying for insurance during transport because the box will prevent damage.

Don’t waste your money by going to the post office or shipping center to purchase materials every time you want to ship items or when people order food to go, and instead order the items in mass quantities so they are always on hand.

You don’t want people sifting through the packages trying to find the parts that they need and getting irritated because the components are an unorganized mess. If you are constantly shipping out packaged food or small parts for the items that you sell, make sure that every item, no matter how small or large, gets packaged the right away. You won’t have to pay to replace lost or damaged items or waste the time of your customers because they have to wait for replacement parts after they get their shipments.