Four Rental Items To Customize A Wedding Venue To Make Your Reception More Unique

When planning a wedding reception, there are a lot of things that you will need to rent to customize the venue to make it perfect for your reception. While many brides remember to rent chairs, tables, and linens for their reception, they forget about a few rentals that could really improve their wedding reception overall. Use the guide that follows to learn of a few rentals that you want to be sure to consider when decorating a venue for your reception.

A Stage

A stage allows a band or your DJ to be slightly higher than the dance floor so that guests can see the performers at all times. There are portable stages available for you to rent. The stages come in multiple sizes and can be set up within a matter of minutes. Be sure to measure the space available to you before choosing which size stage you want to rent to ensure that you have plenty of room for people to dance in the area after the stage is set up.

A Photo Booth

A photo booth can be a fun and exciting addition at your wedding because it allows people to capture their time at your wedding. There are some photo booths that allow people to record messages to you that you can watch later on down the road so that you can have recorded memories of your special day as well.

A Fondue Fountain

A chocolate or cheese fondue fountain will serve as a delicious addition to your wedding. The fountains are available in many different sizes and you can choose the type of cheese or chocolate you want to cascade out of it.

Up Lighting

Up lighting are lights that sit on the floor and shine light up toward the ceiling. They create a romantic ambiance in the room and have colored films that can be placed over the lenses so that they can shine different colors up the walls. You can choose colored films that match with the color scheme of your wedding, so that you can make the room shine in your wedding colors without actually having to make any major changes to the room.

These are simple and inexpensive rentals that can really take your wedding reception to the next level. They can be set up within a short period of time and will not cause any damage to the venue space. Many venues provide you with adequate time to do all of the preparations for your reception before the event to ensure everything looks great.  

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