How To Stop Your Garland Cast Iron Ring Grate From Rusting

The cast-iron ring grate on your Garland stove is designed to withstand years of regular use in high temperatures. It is, therefore, strong and durable. However, like all cast iron, the ring grates on your stove are subject to rusting with improper treatment. These tips will help you prevent rust from occurring on your ring grates, so they will continue to perform their best on your stove for many years to come. 

Practice Boil-Over Prevention

Boil-overs and food spills expose the ring grates to liquids on a regular basis and can eventually contribute to the rusting of the part. The most obvious way to prevent boil-overs on the stove is to watch food carefully before it comes to a boil. However, there are other ways to avoid boil-overs, including:

  • Wooden spoon trick. Laying a wooden spoon over the surface of a boiling pot will slow down the occurrence of boil-overs by popping the bubbles that rise to the pot’s edge.
  • Bigger pot. Use a bigger pot to boil liquid. The bigger the pot, the higher the liquid must rise in order to boil over. 
  • Oil. Pouring a dash of oil into a pot of water can slow down the boil-over because it changes the surface of the water in such a way that bubbles inside will burst more quickly.  

Clean and Season Your Ring Grate Properly

The best way to maintain your garland cast iron grate is to clean it without water and season it as you would a cast iron pot. Seasoning the stove ring will protect the surface of the cast iron from liquids. To do this, follow the procedure below:

  1. Scrape off any foods. Use a wire brush to remove any dried on, baked on, clumpy foods. 
  2. Season the grate with cooking oil. Rub down the grate with cooking oil and a paper towel or kitchen rag. Wipe the grate until it’s slightly shiny with oil, but not so oily as to be messy or slick. If using a kitchen rag to wipe down the grate, it’s best to use a dedicated rag for this one purpose, because repeated exposures to oil will ruin any rag.

If you must use water and detergent to clean your cast iron grate, be sure to dry the surface of the grate thoroughly. You can do this by wiping the grate down with a towel, or placing the grate back on the stove’s surface and turning on the flame. 

If your cast iron rings have already rusted, you can purchase more rings from a Garland stove parts supplier. Once the new part arrives, you can start off on the right foot by seasoning the grate and following the above maintenance procedures.