Tips On Purchasing Smallwares For Your New Restaurant

Opening a new restaurant after years of saving the funds needed to do so is a great feeling. But the months before your grand opening can also be quite hectic as you start to make decisions about your supplies, inventory and staff. One of the most important decisions you will make as a new restaurant owner is deciding on the right amount of smallwares to purchase for your new establishment. Buying too much is a waste of money, but running out of something you need on a busy night can be a disaster. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Cutlery: Forks, Spoons and Knives

The cutlery is arguably the most important part of the place setting next to the plate itself. A good rule of thumb is figure out how many total seats you have in the restaurant and then buy at least two times that amount of place settings. You want these pieces to always be available, even when there are several items that just got put in the dishwasher. You will soon find that cutlery is often thrown away, damaged or otherwise misplaced, and it’s a good idea to always have more on hand than you would theoretically need for any given night.


First, decide how fancy you want to get. Is your restaurant purchasing standard size glasses for everyone? Will there be free water served at every table in addition to other beverages? Do you serve an extensive wine list in addition to your other beverage choices? These are all decisions that will influence how much glassware you need to buy up front. Like with the silverware, it’s a good idea to buy more than what you would need for every place setting in the house. As time goes on and you notice which drinks your customers are ordering more of, you can work to purchase special pieces of glassware to better accommodate those customers, such as wine drinkers.

China and Plates

If you are just buying regular old plates for your restaurant that you can get in any store, this shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Once again, go with the same rule as the cutlery and get about double the amount of plates you would need for a full house. But if you are a fancier restaurant and want to serve your food on nice looking china, make sure you keep up with your inventory and order replacements quickly. Some special kinds of china take a while to make and there might be a waiting period between your order and when it arrives at your restaurant.

If you are about to open a new restaurant, congratulations on your new endeavor. Make sure you get off to a great start by purchasing more cutlery, glassware and china than your restaurant would need for a full house so that no one ever has to wait for dishwasher to finish. As you begin to learn what kind of customers your restaurant attracts, you can begin to order special glassware or china to accommodate your particular customer base.

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