Top Dishes To Try If You Like Authentic Mexican Food

Are you a fan of Mexican food? Are you tired of ordering “authentic cuisine” only to find that the dishes you ordered tasted more American than Mexican? Although Mexican restaurants are all different, here are some tips on how to find more authentic dishes:

Order soft-shell tacos: You’re probably familiar with soft tacos made with flour tortillas, as well as hard tacos that have been made with crunchy corn shells. However, authentic Mexican restaurants will also have a third option. A real Mexican taco has been made with a small corn tortilla that has been briefly steamed or grilled. Instead of a ground beef filling, it may have shredded beef, chicken, or seafood. Lettuce isn’t used, but avocados or onions might be added. Instead of shredded yellow cheese, an authentic Mexican taco is topped with a crumbly, fresh white cheese. 

Try Chilaquiles instead of nachos: Nachos are a Tex-Mex dish and created for Americans. Although tasty, they aren’t what most people would consider to be authentic Mexican food. When you visit Mexican restaurants, order chilaquiles instead. This dish is very similar to nachos and is made with corn tortillas that have been cut into strips or quartered, then lightly fried and simmered in salsa. These tortilla pieces are then topped with things like a fried or scrambled egg and pulled chicken. It’s frequently served with refried beans and crema, not sour cream. Typically a breakfast item, chilaquiles are filling enough to be enjoyed at any meal.

Try Pico de gallo instead of salsa: If you order a side of salsa at a Mexican restaurant, they may opt to serve you something from a jar. It may be tasty, but it’s not very authentic. Instead, consider ordering pico de gallo. Pico de gallo is a freshly-made chunky salsa that consists mainly of chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and cilantro. It has a sharp and spicy taste that mingles with the freshness of the chopped tomatoes. 

Skip the chili con queso: Chili con queso is another popular Tex-Mex dish that most people have probably tried at one time or another. For a more authentic taste, order a queso flameado instead. Queso flameado is perhaps the most likely ancestor of chili con queso, and it is very authentic. It consists of a sort of fondue with things like chorizo, onions, and spices. A liquor, such as tequila, is added and the dish is set on fire like a flambe. Once cooked, the cheese is spread onto small tortillas and eaten.

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