5 Healthy Desserts For Valentine’s Day

Treating your special someone to something sweet is an important Valentine’s Day task. However, you might have to put some extra thought into this Valentine’s Day obligation if your special someone is looking to maintain a healthy eating regime.

If you’re looking for some creative ways to satisfy your sweetheart’s sweet tooth, you can take the following ideas and create a sweet treat that accommodates even the strictest of dietary restrictions:

Heart-shaped fruit pop

Treat your sweetheart to a succulent and nutrient-rich chunk of fruit. Fruit pops can be made out of a variety of different fruits, including apples, kiwis, starfruit, strawberries, and pears. For a little extra flavor and richness, a healthy dipping sauce can be prepared using Greek yogurt and honey.

This is an easy, healthy Valentine’s Day treat that can be quickly prepared to create a charming and cute dessert after a romantic dinner. 

Fruit kabob

Festive Valentine’s Day kebabs can be made using fresh fruits and pieces of angel food cake. For an extra personal touch, you can bake the angel food cake yourself from scratch. These kebabs work especially well with strawberry pieces, but you can also add raspberries and blackberries for some added flavor. Dribble melted chocolate over these Valentine’s Day kebabs for extra decadence. 

Love potion smoothie

Supply your Valentine with a rich rush of vitamins by preparing a ruby red smoothie from ingredients like beets, strawberries, cherries, yogurt, and more. Be creative and custom-mix your love potion smoothie to the particular preferences of your Valentine’s Day date. 

Put some love in the mix

Trail mix s a low-calorie snack that can be made with healthy treats like dried fruit, nuts, granola, and cereal. Throw in some Valentine’s Day specific additions like red and pink M&M’s or Valentine’s Day conversation hearts for a special festive touch. 

Low calorie hot chocolate

You can mix up some rich yet low-calorie hot chocolate by using either coconut milk or cashew cream instead of milk. Healthy hot chocolate can also be topped off with coconut whipped cream and a flavorful chocolate raspberry sauce. 

Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of February, so your date will be sure to appreciate a healthy dessert beverage that will fend off the winter chills. If you’d like to get your sweetheart a little tipsy after a romantic meal, consider spiking your healthy hot chocolate recipe with a touch of peppermint schnapps, rum, or tequila. 

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