Change Your Sauce To Create Gourmet Flavors For Your Pizza Shop

Trying to increase the business of your pizza delivery operation by inventing new flavor combinations is a good idea, but one that only goes so far. If you’ve worked in a pizza kitchen for any length of time, you’re already experimented with every possible combination of toppings and dough you can think of. Other than giving the usual combinations clever names, how can you give your average ingredients a gourmet twist? The answer’s in the sauce.

Changing out your pizza sauce can give the same old toppings an entirely new flavor. If you’re skeptical, think of dips. If you dip a pepper strip in ranch dressing, marinara sauce, and salsa, you’ll get three different flavors from the same exact vegetable. Change up your pizza sauce to get this same taste-changing effect on your pies, and you’ll have an entire new menu of gourmet treats to use in tempting customers to call or come in.

Alfredo Sauce

Cheesy Alfredo sauce can give a richness to any pizza, from the simplest tomato and ham pie to upscale chicken and spinach concoctions. It tends to blend better with less spicy foods such as ham, chicken, and beef. Spicy pepperoni or Italian sausage don’t mix as well, and should be saved for other sauce combinations. Alfredo is fantastic on vegetables though, so vegetarian and vegan customers will love you for having an alternate choice they can eat!


Tacos and enchiladas have become an American mainstream fast food, almost as popular as pizza itself. Give your customers the best of both worlds by creating a tasty Mexican sauce for your pies. Mix together refried beans and salsa until the combination is easy to spread on a pizza crust. Top with cheddar or a combination of cheddar and mozzarella, and top with beef, peppers, olives, and other common taco ingredients. After the pie is baked and cut, cold lettuce and tomato on top are a nice garnish that will kick the pizza up to another tasty level.

Chili Sauce

Known in some parts of the country as Coney sauce, this chili without beans makes an unusual pizza that’s a favorite for sports-watching weekends. Add your usual pizza cheese mixture on top of the Coney sauce, then top the pizza with slices of hot dog or Italian sausage, peppers, and onions. Hardcore enthusiasts add a squirt of yellow mustard on top of the pizza right after it comes out of the oven. Most popular in the fall through playoff time, this “gourmet” pie might just be the go-to refreshment for dozens of new customers at your pizza restaurant. For more inspiration on pizza and sauce varieties, you may want to check out a place like Pequod’s Pizzeria.

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